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New Library Administrative Site Released!

We at Midwest Tape and hoopla Digital take great pride in our commitment to libraries and the communities they serve. For the past several months, we have been collecting feedback from our customers on how we can improve the Library Administrative website (library.hoopladigital.com) to provide you greater value. We are excited to announce that a major roll out is underway!
Our Library Website updates were designed to provide you greater visibility to how your patrons are interacting with your hoopla Digital service, better tools for budgeting, and greater visibility to our inventory on a monthly basis. We wanted to ensure the features available to you were as clear, concise and seamless as possible in order to provide you the best possible tools for statistic and budget analysis as well as for future planning.

Take a look at the changes to our Library Administrative site coming to you this week:

  • Content Discovery: 

An enhancement to our previous “Search” feature, the Content Discovery tool gives you the ability to discover the depth and breadth of titles that are available on hoopla.  You can create your own viewable lists of content with discovery filters such as format, genre, release year, price, rating, and/or publisher. 
Along with Content Discovery, you will also notice a new feature that will allow you to view any title your library has manually blocked, something that your library did not previously have visibility on.  You can also easily remove the block within the same screen. 

  • Reports:

Our new reporting Dashboard will provide you greater visibility as to how your community is interacting with the service on a monthly basis. Here, you will find many of the reports that you were already using, now in bar graph and pie chart form for a new perspective that allow you to easily view:

  • Daily Registrations
  • Active Patrons
  • Patron Retention
  • Circulations by Format
  • Daily Circulations
  • Monthly budget Use

In our reports section, you will also find we have added a new Budget Summary report that will provide you full vision on your spending, to allow better forecasting and future planning.

  • Settings:

At the Settings level, you will now have the ability to quickly identify how many, and what titles your library has blocked by rating and/or obvious profanities. This will be important for you to monitor, if your library has blocked content,  as the hoopla Digital collection grows throughout 2016. 
In the Account section of the hoopla Digital library website, you will find we have expanded on the budget entry screen which will now allow you the ability to plan out your budget for up to six months into the future.
I hope you are as excited about these changes as we are! As you well know, we at Midwest Tape strive to provide our libraries the highest quality services in the industry. We are consistently listening and continue to enhance our services based upon the needs you share. As always, we appreciate your trust in and business with Midwest Tape as well as for being a committed hoopla Digital partner!