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Helpful Tips for Using hoopla LightSpeed

As you are well aware, hoopla’s latest app update, LightSpeed is now in the wild across iOS, Android and our website. Our support team is hard at work, responding to user questions and concerns that have come in over the past week. We wanted to provide you with solutions to some of the common issues reported, so you can better answer patron questions.

New Locations for Genres

Our genres also have a new home on the format home screen. But fear not, genres have not been removed. Here are some helpful steps to access genres:

1.       Tap on Browse All for your desired format.

2.       Tap on Browse button in the upper right hand corner.

3.       Tap on Genres, which is always at the top of the Browse/Collections list.

4.       All genres for that format are listed, tap on a genre for additional titles!

Recommendation Behavior

Looking for new suggested titles or tired of seeing the same genres in your suggestions? Simply enter your Recommendation Behavior menu by opening the hoopla menu and tapping on your e-mail address. After entering this menu, you can turn on (or off) formats by tapping on individual genres. Your recommendations will update instantly.

Password Reset Issues

Due to the intricacy of LightSpeed’s update, we had to log iOS users (and only iOS users) out of the app. In a world dominated by remembering passwords, we know it is difficult to remember them all. On the main login screen, we have a Forgot Password link. Enter your e-mail address and hoopla will send you a temporary password which can be copied and then pasted into the password field.  After logging in with your temporary password, immediately click to open the side bar and click on your e-mail address, now set your permanent password.

Conversely, if you are resetting your password on hoopladigital.com, we will e-mail you a link that can be clicked to instantly reset your password, no copying and pasting required.

We are noticing that some users are requesting more than one password reset e-mail. We strongly advise against this, and ask users to use the latest/newest password reset e-mail received from hoopla. Using any link other than the newest link will not yield desired results, and users will be unable to change their passwords.

Tell Us More

We hope this information has been helpful and want to hear more from you. What are some of the common questions you are answer with LightSpeed’s launch? What are your patrons telling you about the new look? What other tips and tricks would help you better assist patrons?