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hoopla for All Occasions

hoopla digital is a great tool for everyday use—an audiobook for your commute, a workout soundtrack for your trip to the gym—but it can also be the perfect way to mark a special occasion or event. Here are just a few of the ways hoopla can help with things that are going on now or coming up soon.

There are still nearly three weeks left in May, which since 1949 has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health can be a difficult subject for many people to deal with, but hoopla can help. We have collections of movies and TV shows, eBooks, and audiobooks that explore various aspects of mental health. This can be a very useful starting point for patrons who may not have anywhere else to turn.

Dating back to 2006, May has also been recognized as Jewish American Heritage Month, honoring the contributions made by those of the Jewish faith to the history and culture of the United States. To that end, we’ve put together a collection of movies that fit the bill, including classics like Yentl and Fiddler on the Roof.

Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is this weekend…right? Don’t forget about Mom! To help, hoopla has a collection of eBooks all dedicated to the joys and trials of being a mom, as well as an audiobook collection focusing on mothers and daughters. And for patrons lucky enough to be spending some time with Mom this weekend, they can check out an album or two from this selection for tunes that are the perfect companion for the perfect day.

Speaking of music, hoopla is always the go-to source for the hottest new tunes. Patrons can log in every #NewMusicFriday for all the day’s new releases. Already this month we’ve added the second album from country music powerhouse Chris Stapleton, and today sees the release of the Bob’s Burgers Music Album, an eclectic collection of whimsical songs from the hit animated TV show performed by a variety of artists.

Whatever the occasion, hoopla has something to go along with it. And the best part? Patrons can access it 24/7, with no worrying about holds. It’s always at your fingertips—literally!