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New hoopla digital 4.0 Website Release!

4.0 Story Image.jpg

Hello to All Library Partners:
We have some BIG news for you regarding the hoopla digital website, www.hoopladigital.com!
You’ll be seeing the latest site evolution in the next couple of days. The new hoopla 4.0 is scheduled for release Sept. 8, 2016, and we think both you and your patrons will find it as exciting as we do. One huge thing you’ll notice immediately is that the new site will truly be “our website,” co-branded with library partner names! After all, without you, hoopla digital just wouldn’t be possible.
More than the “facelift” that initially meets the eye, the new hoopla 4.0 features useful functional enhancements:

  • More robust content discovery tools

Quick links to borrowed titles, favorites and history, as well as to each of the formats your library supports, create better, more personal user experiences. Users will be able, also, to learn more about the hoopla story.

  • Faster, more responsive browsing

Whether you’re browsing on a phone or tablet, your mobile browsing experience will be faster and more responsive. As more patrons use mobile browsers, this will be a huge feature in their favor!

  • Filtering feature for more targeted exploration

Filtering and updated category landing pages allow for quick browsing of collections and genres. Based on search preference, there are a number of filtering options from which the user can choose.

  • Built-in audio players

No more new tabs or windows just to listen and browse! Audio players for music and audiobooks are now built right into the page, and can be played immediately while browsing.

  • Updated Registration process

We’ve streamlined the registration process, simplifying the experience for new users!
Patrons will be logged out on browsers
Patrons will need to log in using their email and password (which they may or may not remember).  We’ll be glad to help in response to password inquiries, or patrons can use the “Forgot password” link to change it themselves. 
Please note also: If they’ve previously stored their password in their browser, they simply have to click the email sign in box, then click on their email that pops up and it will automatically fill in both their email and password for them.  Then they can just click login.
Tell your patrons, and be sure to watch for this release to come soon and the evolution to continue.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support and trust!