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How Do You Share?

How do you share new services with your current digital platform users when they rarely step foot into the library?  Despite our efforts with social media, on our websites and blogs, we know we have a challenge reaching our communities -- there is limited visibility and limited reach available through these avenues.

So many of us go directly to the websites and services we are familiar with and just don't take the time to explore other options. We all lead busy lives, and we really do need to be interrupted and have new information personally shared with us to help expand our awareness to new services that might meet our needs.

Just last month, we had a library reach out to us with a predicament...

"We have a core group of loyal Overdrive users, but we want to make sure they are aware of the content instantly available to them on hoopla!"

After a bit of discussion on the topic, we resolved to assist them in crafting an e-mail designed specifically for this library's Overdrive users...simply to share with them that they can instantly access and enjoy this type of content, as well!!

As our eAudio and eBook offerings continue to grow on hoopla, I feel many of you might be curious as to how you can expand your reach with the service, to ensure your "Digitarians" know the value you provide them via hoopla!!

Could your library use a hand in reaching your digital service users?

If you are curious about how we can help, please call 1-800-875-2785 to reach your hoopla Customer Support Representative today!!