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Details on Important Information and Where to Find It in our Info Road Map

Our number one goal at Midwest Tape (hoopla digital) is to provide premier customer service to you and your community. Our service is what it is today because of the open dialog we maintain with our partners.

This post is dedicated to optimizing your navigation and access to hoopla digital service and support information that we believe can benefit you the most.  

Library Community

The Library Community is the ideal place to  keep your pulse on what other partner libraries across the US and Canada are doing and saying about their digital service; sharing ideas, brainstorming problems, development improvements, available analytics, or simply learning new tips and tricks.

With resources like the knowledge base, chatter feed, onboarding/promotions menu, we feel there is something for every member of your team. Access to the library admin site, library.hoopladigital.com is also stored here on the community.

Library Admin Site/library.hoopladigital.com

The admin site found at library.hoopladigital.com serves as the access point to your library’s hoopla account.  After logging in with your credentials, the reporting dashboard provides you with real-time statistics on key performance indicators, such as how many patrons are signing up (patrons registered), how many titles are being circulated and cost tracking. All reports on the admin site are customizable and exportable allowing you to explore, discover and gauge the affect that this digital service is having on both your library and community.  

The patron finder app is a great way to provide support to patrons. This simple, yet powerful tool allows staff members with access to their library’s hoopla account to look up registered patrons by library card and/or e-mail address. 

Video Support

We have two different video channels, each with a particular audience in mind. Our Vimeo channel, vimeo.com/hoopladigital focuses on webinars for staff members. These are more in-depth than the videos you may find  on our YouTube channel.

Our YouTube channel, youtube.com/hoopladigital are shorter clips focused toward supporting your patron community titled the “Video Help Desk”. The Video Help Desk on YouTube has videos segmented by device, so users looking for assistance on their iOS or Android device, or the PC to get support for the device that is specific to them.  


Last but certainly not least, is our FAQ’s found at hoopladigital.com/support, and on the mobile apps. Our FAQ’s on our support page are categorized based on common questions our support team answers.  FAQ’s are listed for mobile apps and hoopladigital.com so your community  (and library staff) can have immediate access to the most frequently asked questions.  

Your feedback is very important to us so we welcome any ideas or suggestions that would make things easier for you; enter comments below, or contact your hoopla digital coordinator.