What's New

An Update to Usability and Browsing Exclusively on hoopladigital.com

Continuing to evolve and improve the hoopla service continues to be one of our key drivers in 2015. Recently, we rolled out some updates to hoopladigital.com, to improve the overall experience for users across all formats. Here are some additional details on what to expect the next time you use hoopladigital.com:

Switching Formats

Users now have the ability to switch the format they are browsing without returning to the main hoopla menu. For example, if you’re browsing movies, you can now switch over to another format, such as audiobooks seamlessly. This will help users quickly access additional formats without an extra step in the process.



Hover-Over Menu

Borrowing and adding to favorites while browsing through content has never been easier. Now, when hovering over a title, a menu will appear with a brief snippet of the synopsis along with Borrow and Add to Favorites buttons. 


Genres/Collections on Format Menu

Joining the already present Recommended, Featured and Popular selection line up on each format are buttons for Genres and Collections. Clearly labeled and easier access to genres will be a huge asset to users that are looking to access the genres menu.    

A-Z Browsing of Genres

An additional sorting option is has also been added after selecting a genre to browse in-depth. In addition to sorting by Popular and Newest, an A-Z by title option is now available.

These newer features are available exclusively on hoopladigital.com. We wanted to provide our PC/Mac users with the chance to be able to really dig in into the content they are the most interested in. Most of the new enhancements are geared towards a web-only experience, but could find their way to an app release in the future, based on user feedback.

Our team continues to listen to feedback and continues to improve hoopla to truly be the service of our library partners. If you have additional suggestions or feedback, be sure to share that feedback with your hoopla Coordinator or your account executive.