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FAQ Update: In-Depth Answers Based on User Platform

Previously, we gave our Partner Libraries a look at some of the support efforts we provide through various avenues. This week, we’d like to go in-depth on one area of focus, our FAQ/Help section. Not only do we want to provide examples of the types of FAQ’s you can expect to see, but gain from you the type of FAQ’s that would best help you and your patrons.

 Our latest app and website update allow us to create a device-specific FAQ experience for our users. This allows us to present information and give important tips to the user based on the device that is being used and that’s likely to be in question.

 We are also adding new topics of discussion to the FAQ pages:

  • The “ABC’s of hoopla” will provide basic information about how hoopla works.
  • On hoopladigital.com, there will be a direct link to Google help, the operator of the Widevine plug-in. This link contains helpful screenshots and troubleshooting information that can help users install Widevine on their computer.

 Adding refreshed, helpful information for our Partner Libraries and users is a project that’s ongoing for us here at hoopla. In the near future, we will be publishing a series of videos helping users with FAQ’s, resetting passwords and more. As always, be sure to check out our Library Community or library.hoopladigital.com for updates on these initiatives.