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Providing Helpful Solutions and Support for hoopla Users

hoopla Partner Libraries are the front line for patron support. Library staff are often fielding questions from users, and sending them our way. Our Partner Libraries are great at helping patrons, but what about those times library staff need some additional information? Let us provide some additional information in these areas:


Our mobile apps now have operating-system specific FAQ’s, based on the device a user is using. If a user is using an iOS device, there is now a dedicated section of iOS tips. Android/Kindle Fire HDX users also receive their own tip section as well. 

Take a look at some of the adjacent screenshots for the new look for FAQ's:


Library Community

The Library Community is our hub for on-demand information for hoopla, and is a fun, informative environment to collaborate with other partner libraries. Using the Knowledge menu, Community members can access helpful information such as a list of supported devices, removing PIN’s from your ILS connection hoopla uses, and other helpful information. If you would like an invitation to join our Community, please contact your hoopla Coordinator for further information.

Monitoring User Feedback 

Listening to our user base and adding features/functionality based on this feedback is essential for the development of hoopla support. We listen to social media, app reviews, customer feedback, and our Community (among many other places) for feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and add in features that will help make hoopla a successful service for our partner libraries.   

Contact Us

Providing support beyond library hours is another facet of our support team’s efforts. Our Support Team monitors this inbox from 8:30AM through 10:00PM EST during the week, and from 10:00AM through 10:00PM EST during the weekend/holidays. The hoopla team provides library after hours support to your community, helping to educate and improve their hoopla digital experience. 

We are listening. What other tips and tricks would be helpful for you and your staff in providing support and assistance to patrons? Let us know in the comments below!