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Recent Platform Updates

The hoopla Support Team would like to update you on some recent improvements we have made to the hoopla platform across our mobile apps and library admin site.  Please be sure to make note that some of these improvements are the direct result of from feedback from you, our hoopla partners.  

Recent iOS updates:

  • We will have the ability to pull in a library specific message during registration to assist patrons who may have trouble registering if they cannot remember their PIN.
  • We have added variable speed options to the audiobook player.  The app can now play audiobooks at the standard 1x speed, 1.25x or 1.5x speed.  During testing, we found that anything faster than 1.5x speed is a bit distorted.
  • The password reset process has been simplified.  Previously, we required users to copy and paste the temporary password a number of times.  Now, users simply need to enter the temporary password once before setting a permanent password.

Recent Android updates:

  •  Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile users can enjoy AB playback on S4 devices with the latest OS version.  Currently we are still blocking Sprint, devices until a software update is available from that carrier.
  • Enhanced our video player with more responsive controls.
  • We will have the ability to pull in a library specific message during registration.  These custom messages can assist patrons who may have trouble registering if they are unsure of what their PIN number is.
  • Added borrow information such as: "This title is available for 72 hours after you borrow it. This title is available for streaming and downloading (Android and iOS)." to the title detail page.
  • We have added rewind and fast forward buttons while playing audiobooks.  Tapping fast forward once moves forward at 2X speed.  You can go forward or in rewind up to 8X.  This is to improve reaching a specific spot in an audiobook.
  • The audiobook player has also received a sleep timer.

Recent library.hoopladigital.com updates:

  • We've implemented library user roles.  Admin users can now add additional staff members for the sole purpose(s) of pulling reports and/or building collections.  Librarians marked as admin will continue to have full access to settings.
  • A budget rollover feature has been added.  This feature allows any unused funds from your monthly budget cap at month’s end to be rolled over to the next month.  The goal is to help you keep your allotted funds for hoopla together for an entire fiscal year, rather than operating a month at a time.  (NOTE:  This feature must be enabled through your hoopla coordinator.) 


Please continue to check library.hoopladigital.com for future platform enhancements.  If you have suggestions or feedback, please let your hoopla Customer Coordinator know, or e-mail at info@hoopladigital.com.

Nick Anderson, hoopla Customer Support Specialist

Nick Anderson, hoopla Customer Support Specialist