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Celebrate 15 Years of The Walking Dead

On October 8, 2003, The Walking Dead issue #1 hit comic shops everywhere. Kicking off with small-town sheriff Rick Grimes awakening from a coma in the midst of a burgeoning undead apocalypse, it helped start a snowball effect to begin the zombie craze that is still building to this day. Now, fifteen years later, The Walking Dead is still going strong as a comic series, with issue #184 releasing recently and creator Robert Kirkman saying the end is still “far away off.” It has also spawned a highly popular television show, which just kicked off its ninth season, and a spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead, whose fourth season ended on September 30.

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the first issue’s release, this Saturday, October 13, has been designated as Walking Dead Day. Comic shops everywhere will be taking part with special events and giveaways, but there’s no reason why your library can’t join the fun! With hoopla, longtime Walking Dead fans can revisit favorite issues from the series, while newcomers can start from the beginning and read all the way though! Our collection of Walking Dead comics currently comprises thirty compilations, and will continue to grow as the series continues. It spans from Days Gone Bye, which collects that original first issue, all the way through New World Order, the most recent edition that goes through issue #180, published in June. It also includes the special edition Here’s Negan, exploring the charismatic villain’s backstory, as well as the Survivors’ Guide, an exploration of the series’ characters.

The Walking Dead began its life in the comic format, but it has expanded into other areas of publishing as well. In 2011, Robert Kirkman teamed up with writer Jay Bonansinga for the novel Rise of the Governor, which brought the backstory of that intriguing antagonist to life. It was followed by The Road to Woodbury and The Fall of the Governor Parts 1 and 2 to round out the story arc. From there, Bonansinga continued on with four more novels: Descent, Invasion, Search and Destroy, and Return to Woodbury. Fans of the comic series and the show won’t want to miss these stories that delve into the niches of beloved characters and settings, and the audiobooks linked above are all available on hoopla.

And there’s plenty more Walking Dead content available on hoopla as well—starting with Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the soundtrack to the show, whose musical selection really adds to the haunted atmosphere. In the eBook format, patrons who love trivia will enjoy quiz books that cover the various seasons of the show, as well as an exploration of the comic series, a collection of quick facts about the comics and the show,  and even a rumination on the philosophy expounded in the show. Needless to say, whether a patrons is a longtime fan of The Walking Dead or checking it out for the first time, hoopla is the perfect companion for Walking Dead Day!