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Celebrate the Holidays with hoopla!

"Holidays  with hoopla,” is so much more than a celebration of the Holiday Season, it’s a celebration of you as librarians and how you make every day special for patrons!

You’ll see tons of gifts for you to share with your patrons this season – eight Holiday music collections, and piles of movie and audiobook Holiday memory-makers to experience, explore and enjoy. Plus, we’ve included a special Holiday gift salute especially for you!

Take advantage of “Holidays  with hoopla,”  and become a “Holiday Hero” this year.  As patrons come knocking at your door for movies, music and more, you’re sure to have plenty to fill all the new gadgets they’ll be getting from the store.

“Holidays with hoopla,” magazine is available in digital form immediately, and will be delivered to your library in print any day now. Be sure to watch for it!