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Managing Your Digital Service: A New Budgeting Webinar from hoopla

As part of our continuing efforts to assist in training and educating our partner libraries, we have completed a video webinar, “hoopla in Budget.” Communicating recent budgeting tool updates, and gathering feedback for future budgeting enhancements is a primary goal of this video.

hoopla has various budget options available to help libraries tailor the service to their individual needs. We fully encourage partner libraries to use the budget tools and this video to educate and empower their staff, and to set patron usage and expectations.

 This video will help you manage:

  • Circulation caps: Customized to control patron access and align with individual library budgets. (i.e. 12 items per month)
  • Content Offering: Also customized to reflect the library’s offering of content, and aligned with unique library budgets. (i.e. TV shows, audiobooks, eBooks, etc…)
  • Budgeting Control: A formula for obtaining desired spend for the year. Project and offer customized recommendations for circulation cap and which formats libraries offer.

Our hope is that this video not only educates, but helps spark your digital strategy for 2015 and beyond. Your library is at the forefront of the digital evolution for your patrons, and being prepared financially is an important part of this evolution.